If I were a baby again…

Once upon a time there was a girl
A chubby little bub was she
She slept from dusk till morn
And was happy as could be

She was the first born
And the apple of her parent’s eye
Who showered her with love
And heaps of stuffed toys

Her first word was ‘daddy’
Which is a funny story
Because the word she later used
Was ‘uncle’ for her dad in reality

She didn’t cry much
Or at least that’s what her parents thought
Until on some long drives and trips
She wailed and howled non-stop

She was a chubby little thing
Oh so heavy to lift!
It was an amazing feat
For her mum to carry her whilst walking adrift

Most of her hours as a baby
Were spent being fast asleep
The only other important thing
Was eating her favourite foods and peas

25 years on
She wonders what it’d be like
To go back in time
And live that life again

When there was no care in the world
And all she could do was sleep
With people looking after her
And she having absolutely no responsibility

A time with no pressure
No stress, no worry
A time where the biggest thing
Was when to pee and go to the potty

Back to that time where
I was spoilt and loved
And if I wanted anything
I just had to cry for it to come

Life back then was
Nothing short of bliss
Mum, dad and grandparents
To see that nothing was amiss

If I could be a baby again
I’d just ask for one more thing
The ability to think and type
So I could continue blogging!

Until next time,