Dream on — home sweet home

If time/location/money/the rest of the world didn’t matter, where would you live? What would your house look like? Find pictures ofyour dream home. What would the rooms look like? How would you furnish them? is it a beach house? Mountainside? Huge backyard, or small courtyard? Farm or suburbia? Apartment overlooking the Eiffel tower or rustic farmhouse in Tuscany. Is there a tree with a swing on it? Do you have a fireplace, mantle covered in photos? Is it a morroccan themed home/asian? Minimalist/shabby chic? Design your perfect home for us. Find pictures online and dream away.

So I get to design my own home!

Location – I have always been a city girl and love it. So my home would be located in Sydney somewhere down in the Sutherland shire area with water views. Water views are very important. It doesn’t have to be a beach but a riverside view would do too.

The House – I grew up in an apartment and was perfectly happy with it. I have no problems with apartments except it’s difficult to keep dogs as pets. Hence, my dream home would be a house. I’d prefer a single level house made of red brick. I am a sucker for the red-brick look. It is an amazing and even elegant look if I may say so. Maybe something like this.

Dream on --- home sweet home

The Interior – I am not too fussed about desginer stuff. It would be minimalistic in that I am not into flowery stuff or fluff. My house will have 3 bedrooms one with an ensuite, a living room, a dining room, a fabulous kitchen, a laundry, a patio at the back and one bathroom. One of the bedrooms will be my study/library. It will have my psychology books as well as my books on fiction and non-fiction. My furniture will be teak (or imitation teak) and the house will have floorboards.

I love the space and the open plan of this living room. I would however change the furniture around to something in teak. And of course, would have a TV.

The bathroom will be a mix of the two pictures here. I love the black coloured tiles but want both a shower and a bathtub.

This is what the master bedroom will look like and will also have mirrored built-in robes and an ensuite.

This room will be my haven…books from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. A study desk in the middle. All mine 🙂

The Backyard – I hate gardening. So my backyard will have just a small veggie patch and will instead be paved with seating and enough space to hold a barbie. Oh, and enough space for my mini foxie to roam around in.
So this is my dream house all for myself and for friends and family when they visit. What do you reckon? To check out other dreams houses, visit BlogThis for more…

And what would your dream house be like?

Do share…

Until next time,