My Earliest Memory

I was but a three year old attending my first year of kindergarten at an all-girls school. We were in Bombay for the school term and living with mum’s parents. Well, not all of us. Dad was still in Oman. I liked school. Hell, I was ready for school before it even started. School was a breeze. Academically at least. Friendships were a different issue.

I remember wanting to become friends with these three girls in my class. Their names evade me. But their faces were etched clearly in my mind {thanks to having class photos!} years later. I tried the usual ways a person does to become friends. But they weren’t interested. Eventually though, they were charmed by me. Or so I thought. They said they would be my friends. On one condition. I had to rip up a particular girl’s alphabet book.

So I did.

I ripped up a three year old’s alphabet book. With the hope of being accepted.

Well, I was accepted into the group. But I also got told on by the girl whose book I ripped. And I didn’t get away lightly. I got whacked with a ruler on my tiny palms in front of the entire class more than once.  It was a lesson for everyone and I was the example. Let’s just say I learnt my lesson very well.

My Earliest Memory

Did I tell mum about this? I don’t remember.

Did I tell anyone else about this? Not for a long time!

I don’t remember much of my friendship with these girls. I think I hung around them for that year and the next. Before dad got a job in Salalah which had proper schools {unlike Ibra} and I was able to enrol there. I can’t remember if they were mean to me or if they changed their behaviour. Needless to say, I never saw them again.

When I look back now, I think I struggled a lot with friends probably till I was a teenager. There was a huge need to be accepted — to the point where I lost myself and became whatever people wanted me to be. If anything, one of my earliest memories reminds me why I do the work I do. Because kids go through a lot of shit! And sometimes, it helps having someone in their corner.

I reflected back on my earliest memory thanks to being tagged by Suzy. In turn, I’d like to tag Vidyaand hear about her earliest memory. Do take a moment to check out their earliest memories as well as other Write tribers here

What about you? What is your earliest memory?

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